A little while back, I designed a logo for a local esthetician who wanted to start her own business. I was going to do a lot more, but the pandemic hit and that was the end of that.

Originally, I was going to create a brand for a new esthetician business. I was also going to help market the business. In the end, I got as far as helping name the company, creating a color palette, and designing a logo, so I’ll mainly focus on the logo here.

I worked with Amanda Saltzman, a recently graduated Master Esthetician who wanted…

The app that mutes your phone for you

I was asked to design a simple app that would mute your phone based on location or event. The project was expected to be done in a week.

I was the only designer for the project. I was given a color palette, fonts, and illustrations that were meant to be used for the app. Here it is:

I went to the app store to find any apps that already do this. There was one that I found, and it was a bit rough but worked just fine. I also talked with a couple of people about what they would be…

Right now, I’m a Junior in UVU’s Web Design and Development program and looking forward to landing my first job as a UX Designer.

The family

Outside of school, I spend a lot of time up in the mountains hiking or camping with my family.

I also love traveling. Sarah and I have taken a couple of amazing trips to Thailand and the Balkan states. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Norway as well. It’s definitely my favorite place!

My wife, Sarah, and I have a little girl named Ella, and, crazily enough, we have another kiddo on the way!

So yeah, that’s a bit about me. As a new dad who’s working and going to school, I stay pretty busy, but I love it.

I heard a story once about a recent college grad who was meeting with a company about their website. Why? I don’t really know, but anyway, she had pointed out that their website took a while to load because the image sizes they were using were huge and that they could be much smaller without losing the quality of the images. She also stated that this is probably why their site is seemingly ineffective. She fixed it for them and almost immediately the director in the room offered her their current UX Designer’s position.

Understanding different file formats (containers), CODECs…


The Project

I was tasked to design a prototype for a national park that could be used as a template to create many more national park apps. In order to design an exciting app for all national parks, I created a prototype for Capitol Reef.

The goal is to entice people to visit national parks, so I decided on a target audience of young adults and families.

My Role

This was a solo project. I did meet with my professor early on to make sure I was on the right track and to get a bit of help to figure out the scope of…

This past week, I had a goal of creating an exciting, interactive pamphlet using AR with Zapworks. I chose to center it on Voldemort’s horcruxes from the Harry Potter series. If you don’t know what a horcrux is, you should keep reading and check out the pamphlet!

I began by sketching out my idea for the pamphlet. I wanted to cover all of the horcruxes that Voldemort created and give a bit more background info on horcruxes in general. Here’s the original outline:

The first page, the back, and the cover

Once you open the cover, the first page will fill in the reader on what a horcrux…

I recently got challenged to create content for a new account on Instagram and for the first eight posts, each one had to be a different style of post such as a reel, panorama, graphic, etc. The type of account I created was on travel and tied into another challenge I received to make a podcast.

The first thing I did was make a list of each post I intended to make.

  1. A reel of our Zagreb apartment
  2. Multiple images of Zagreb
  3. A story of southern Croatia
  4. A panorama I took in Norway
  5. An image of Copenhagen (I changed to…

The Objective

I wanted to learn how to create a podcast at a professional level, so I made it a goal to get through at least two podcasts that were at a professional level.

The Process

I came up with a couple of podcast ideas that I felt I knew quite a bit about and ultimately went with the budget travel idea. At this point, I played around with some ideas on what in particular to focus on and how to structure the podcast. I wanted to share stories from my own travels while incorporating different travel tips into them. …

For the past few months, I learned how to use Tumult Hype by creating an interactive kiosk.

The goal was to create a kiosk that would entertain while also inform the audience about Vikings. My target audience would be young teenagers.

It would be separated into three phases. Each phase had the same process. First, I would storyboard my ideas, then I would gather and create my assets, and lastly, I would put it all together. Once it was put together, the class would review each other’s assignments in class then go back and make revisions.

I created an attraction…

Nik Sprunt

Interaction Design student at UVU

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