Creating The Travel Light Podcast

The Objective

I wanted to learn how to create a podcast at a professional level, so I made it a goal to get through at least two podcasts that were at a professional level.

The Process

I came up with a couple of podcast ideas that I felt I knew quite a bit about and ultimately went with the budget travel idea. At this point, I played around with some ideas on what in particular to focus on and how to structure the podcast. I wanted to share stories from my own travels while incorporating different travel tips into them. These tips are mainly about saving money.

Once I had a rough idea of how to structure my podcast, I made an outline. The outline shows what the podcast is about as a whole and has three episodes listed with a brief explanation of what they are about. I also created the cover art which was pretty simple.

Outline of Podcast

Next, I recorded an intro and the episodes on the Voice Memos app. My original plan was to talk with my wife, but after we finished everything and I sat down to edit, I realized that you couldn’t hear Sarah in it at all. I thought that by using AirPods, we would be using the airport mic but it was actually the phone mic. At this point, Sarah’s and my schedule didn’t align well enough for us to record with each other again, so I went solo. The content wasn’t quite as good, but it worked. After I completed the recordings, I imported them into GarageBand. There’s a lot you can do with GarageBand, but for a podcast, you don’t need to go too in-depth. I just found a fairly simple intro/outro tune in there, put it all together with my recordings, and uploaded it to

If I hadn’t made the mistake with the audio, I do believe it would have turned out a bit better not only because Sarah would have been a part of it but I would have had more time to focus on the editing stage.

Overall, I am happy with my mini podcast, but I do think I will be going back in the near future to see what else I can do to make it better.



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