Creating Travel Content on Instagram

I recently got challenged to create content for a new account on Instagram and for the first eight posts, each one had to be a different style of post such as a reel, panorama, graphic, etc. The type of account I created was on travel and tied into another challenge I received to make a podcast.

The first thing I did was make a list of each post I intended to make.

  1. A reel of our Zagreb apartment
  2. Multiple images of Zagreb
  3. A story of southern Croatia
  4. A panorama I took in Norway
  5. An image of Copenhagen (I changed to Oslo later)
  6. A video of snorkeling in Thailand
  7. A graphic on the podcast
  8. Take a poll on the story

While I created this list, I should have pulled images/videos that I planned to use, edit them, and schedule out when I would post them as I went, but what did I do? I created my first post after I made the list and waited until I was ready to post again before I prepared the next one. Why was this bad? Well, it meant that I had to dig through tons of pictures to find the ones I wanted to use and then edit them every time I decided to post. I wasted a ton of time doing it this way which led to many delays in posting.

Anyway, let's take a look at some of the posts I did.

Zagreb, Croatia

Here, you can see I chose multiple photos from my trip to Croatia. It was pretty simple and quick.

re og Romsdal, Norway

This image was too wide for Instagram to get the whole image in one post, so I split the image in two using Photoshop. After that, I posted it as multiple images with no seem.

I posted this one as a story and saved it as a highlight. This one was pretty simple too.

You’ll have to check out travel.lighttl to see the rest of the posts, but anyway, I was successful in creating eight different types of posts and had fun doing it. I learned a lot from the experience and plan to use that knowledge in the near future potentially with this account and maybe another that shows off more of my work as a designer.

Interaction Design student at UVU