I recently got challenged to create content for a new account on Instagram and for the first eight posts, each one had to be a different style of post such as a reel, panorama, graphic, etc. The type of account I created was on travel and tied into another challenge I received to make a podcast.

The first thing I did was make a list of each post I intended to make.

  1. A reel of our Zagreb apartment
  2. Multiple images of Zagreb
  3. A story of southern Croatia
  4. A panorama I took in Norway
  5. An image of Copenhagen (I changed to…

The Objective

I wanted to learn how to create a podcast at a professional level, so I made it a goal to get through at least two podcasts that were at a professional level.

The Process

I came up with a couple of podcast ideas that I felt I knew quite a bit about and ultimately went with the budget travel idea. At this point, I played around with some ideas on what in particular to focus on and how to structure the podcast. I wanted to share stories from my own travels while incorporating different travel tips into them. …

For the past few months, I learned how to use Tumult Hype by creating an interactive kiosk.

The Project

The purpose was to create a kiosk that would entertain while also teach the audience about Vikings. I wanted to aim it toward students in elementary school and middle school.

The Process

It would be separated into three phases. Each phase had the same process. First, I would storyboard my ideas, then I would gather and create my assets, and lastly, I would put it all together. …

Awhile back, I discovered a non-profit called Guatemalan Humanitarian Tours (GHT). They participate in various forms of service from teaching children English to releasing baby sea turtles to the sea. They also save plenty of time for fun. I love what they do, but I felt like they could use some help in a couple of areas. For a school project, I planned to redesign its website and logo. Today, I’ll only be covering the creation of the new logo. Here’s what their logo currently looks like:

Guatemalan Humanitarian Tours Logo

Some of my first impressions were that the plane and the location pin…


The Project

We had four months to redesign UVU’s Architecture and Engineering Design Department’s website. They came to us with a few requests: Stick to UVU’s guidelines, give equal attention to each program, and make it more appealing to high school and college students, or in the words of the Department Head “Make it lit”. With this in mind, we mapped out a plan for the project. Here’s a very simplified outline.

  1. Research
  2. Product Assessment and Testing
  3. Creation

My Role

We had a team of four designers and we all worked on each step of the redesign together, so a big part of the…

The Problem

According to smiota.com, 25% of people in the country have had a package stolen, and 50% know someone who has had a package stolen. The worst part is that the police only make arrests in less than 10% of reported cases.

Amazon has already made an amazing product to prevent package theft: Amazon Key. The system where Amazon delivery people can drop off your package right inside your front door, leaving it safe and secure for you to find when you get home, but there’s still a few problems. People find it too invasive, a lot of people have pets…

The Project

On this project, we were to discover common patterns and trends among the previous winners that might help them understand the type of contestants America favors.

Here are some terms that we used and how we used them for this project:

Niche/uniqueness: Something that sets them apart from everyone else within their field of talent.

Standing Ovations: If the audience and/or the judges give them a standing ovation.

Shock Value: When the judges are not expecting much from a contestant then get blown away by their performance.

We discovered certain patterns and trends among winners that could help NBC discover…

Nik Sprunt

Interaction Design student at UVU

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